Episode 84. Immigrants Need to Stop Overworking Continued with Luzy of Viva la Budget and Finance

Luzy started working at the age of 16 as a housekeeper, sometimes she worked 14 hours a day.

She has always been a curious person and her curiosity drove her to continue investing in herself and learn as much as she could to achieve her goals.

When she stopped overworking, her mindset changed.

Luzy encourages you to find ways to not depend on just one income and to change the mentality that the only way to earn money is by overworking.

She explains you\’re not going to get wealthy just by budgeting. You need to invest. Invest your money. And most importantly, invest in yourself.

Luzy shares with us why immigrants need to stop overworking and the importance of being intentional about our wealth and our goals.

For many immigrants it is difficult to see themselves as investors and as CEOs. They think they don\’t deserve it. But you can be what you want to be by changing you mindset, start investing in yourself, and starting to stop overworking.

Create habits that benefit you. Go for a walk, meditate, eat well, don\’t stop learning. That\’s part of investing in yourself and taking care of yourself and your family.

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