Episode 86. Shifting to Build Wealth with Maribel of Our Wealth Matters

Maribel Francisco is a first generation child of immigrants born in California. Her parents are from Meseta Purecheta in Michoacán, México, from a community that has its own dialect, food, and culture.

She tells us a little bit of her story and family\’s immigration and financial struggles; when she got sick in preschool and her mom quit her job to be with her and take care of her and how shortly after her dad was deported.

Maribel shares with us how she and her mom overcame these challenges. She graduated from college, and her mom now has her own income tax firm.

One important thing that allowed them to achieve their goals was to change their mindset and take action.

Everyone can invest, there are no laws saying immigrants who reside in the U.S. can\’t invest. You can have your own business and stop depending on somebody else. You can be your own boss.

Maribel wants people to understand that it is not about coming to the U.S. to work all the time with nothing to show for it. You can invest and build wealth.

That\’s why she started Our Wealth Matters, to help immigrant families build wealth through the stock market.

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