Immigrant Finance School™

From Uncertainty & Overwhelm to Financial Independence:
The Immigrant’s Fast-Track to Safely Investing
and Wealth Building in the U.S.

Created by an Immigration Attorney / Accredited Financial Counselor & Proud Immigrant wife-and-husband team.
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Immigrant Finance School

Learn how to open investment accounts, master U.S. financial systems, and build passive income (even without a social security number), paving the way for future security and generational wealth.

Student Success Stories

Play Video about Claudia - Immigrant Finance School

Claudia went from paying off debt to becoming a confident investor

Play Video about Reyes - Immigrant Finance School

Reyes learned to shift to online business income & leverage credit cards responsibly 

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Danny went from frustration & feeling left out from the investing system to financially confident

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Nina Started Businesses and Changed Her Entire Financial Mindset

Featured In

New York Times Stories on Credit Building & Loans for Immigrants

NPR News Story on Challenges to Accessing Credit for Immigrants

Curriculum positively reviewed by the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education (AFCPE)®

Plutus Awards Finalist for Best Personal Finance Content for Underserved Communities

Student Testimonials

“I can’t believe this. This brings hope after I felt left out by the big opportunities the country gives. It’s because of your work that opening my investment account without a social security number was this fast, it felt much like copy and paste and this info was absolutely valuable, thank you!!” –Juan

“It’s all because of the guidance and accountability of this program that I was able to open my first investment account and contribute monthly. I’m trying to give every dollar a purpose. My online business is also possible thanks to the Immigrant Finance program. My business had been in my head for a while I just didn’t have the right tools to start, I’m glad I was able to find Immigrant Finance and the guidance to help to face the fears of not knowing what to do. I’m now more confident to learn more and keep working on my finances. Everyone should sign up for their next class. First learn the tools of finances and then open your business. Both programs with Adina go together to allow you to be successful. Her help has been life changing!!” — Yazmin

“Best money ever spent. Period.” — Kaushal

“Thank you to Adina at Immigrant Finance. I appreciate that she finally gave me the answers that no amount of googling could offer.” — Ana

“It is well known that it’s expensive to be poor but I realized that is more expensive being poor immigrants. After searching for financial information in the last couple years I wasn’t able to put together or process all the information. There is no help out there for immigrants about financial questions, and the ones with the knowledge are afraid to help thinking that they will get in a legal trouble. Until I found Adina with the Immigrant Finance School, with her help I finally understand how to start managing money and fill out the paperwork for financial institutions.” — Eduardo

“Adina & Mau are doing an incredible job at educating and empowering the immigrants population and their families with their finances. Through their course, you learn to break free from the mentality that as an immigrant there are some areas you can never reach. Whether it’s investing, opening a high yield savings account, budgeting, getting a credit card, you name it. I strongly recommend their course. It’s money well spent. Keep up the good work Adina and Mau! You are a Blessing to your community.”– Annica

“A life-changing program. Highly recommend if you, or someone you know, is part of the immigrant community and is interested in building generational wealth.” — Carey

“I feel like now I have a purpose for my money instead of hoarding it without a clear plan.” – Grisella

“I can already see how taking the course was one of the best things to do before entering my 20’s. I feel more prepared to look at my financial goals and create a plan of action. This includes investing, saving for post-grad and formalizing a business that leverages technology to support youth with their mental health. Adina is extremely sweet and approachable. If she doesn’t know the answer to something, she will research and help you so you truly never feel alone. The budgeting sessions are interactive and I felt loving accountability through the group. Thank you for making this possible!” — Greisy
“If you’re looking to launch a digital business I highly recommend you reach out to Adina at Immigrant Finance as she has empowered me to launch my own digital career coaching business.. The Immigrant Finance Program is phenomenal!! Adina will guide you step by step on finding your niche, marketing strategies and address any mindset challenges. The program has helped me feel more at ease and confident about launching my business. Don’t hesitate to call her! You will not regret the results you will acquire while enrolled in this program. — Gaby
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