Immigrant Finance School™

Financial education for immigrants to learn to safely invest & build wealth in the U.S.

Because immigrants deserve to build generational wealth, too.

By Adina Appelbaum, Esq. J.D., M.P.P., AFC® & Mauricio Castillo Ferri, M.A., SHRM-CP
Immigration Attorney, Accredited Financial Counselor® & Proud Immigrant

Adina and Mauricio, Immigrant Finance

Learn how to open investment accounts, master U.S. financial systems, and build passive income - regardless of whether you have a social security number - so you can pave the way for future security and generational wealth.

If you’re struggling to invest in the stock market, build credit, buy a home, start a business, or build wealth as an immigrant in the U.S., we know exactly what you’re going through.

We’ve been there.

Immigrant Finance School™ is the resource we wish someone handed to us in 2013, when Mau had just immigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador and we were struggling a LOT with our finances.

We don’t want others to feel alone and struggle like we did.

That’s why we created Immigrant Finance School™, a step-by-step roadmap to guide immigrants and their families through the financial system, regardless of their immigration background or status.

Immigrant Finance School

Featured In

New York Times Stories on Credit Building & Loans for Immigrants

NPR News Story on Challenges to Accessing Credit for Immigrants

Featured in the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education (AFCPE)®

Plutus Awards Finalist for Best Personal Finance Content for Underserved Communities

>> Immigrant Finance School™ helps you overcome uncertainty and overwhelm to become an empowered IMMIGRANT WEALTH BUILDER

Immigrant Finance School™ is the ONLY wealth-building education program in the world that specifically teaches immigrants and their families how to build wealth, created and delivered by an immigration attorney/Accredited Financial Counselor.

It’s the ONLY financial program that provides guidance that navigates the intersection of the immigration law AND financial systems so you can learn HOW TO DO EVERYTHING in finance, real estate, and business NO MATTER your immigration status or background.

We teach you strategies built from the unique combination of our professional expertise and 10+ years of personal experience overcoming the challenges immigrants face in the financial system, which helped us transform from living paycheck-to-paycheck to becoming multi-six figure investors within a few years. 

Since its inception in 2020, Immigrant Finance School™ has changed the lives of over 200 immigrants, their families, and the legacy of their future generations. Now we want to help you do the same. 

Enrolling in the Immigrant Finance School™ Program will give you:

  • Certainty and relief knowing EXACTLY what you can and can’t do with finances, including investing, real estate, and business as an immigrant, and how to actually make it possible to build wealth when you’re the first in your family…even without a social security number.

  • Peace of mind and security for the future knowing that you are able to confidently invest and grow your money passively – even while you sleep – so you can take control over your financial safety no matter how the immigration laws change. You’ll no longer need to survive paycheck to paycheck and rely on trading time for money as the only way to make money.

  • Systems and strategies to build healthy financial habits that allow your goals to move forward effortlessly and in a balanced way you can stick to, without using punishment-like budgeting that makes you feel restricted.

  • Clarity and confidence on the next RIGHT steps to take in an easy-to-follow roadmap, so you can take the guesswork out of your financial planning and focus on getting on track to build generational wealth just like any American. No longer feel overwhelmed by all the financial information online or waste time watching endless Youtube videos.

  • Trustworthy guidance and loving support from an immigration lawyer/ financial counselor with your best interest and safety top of mind, so you can feel safe taking steps forward with your finances without risking immigration problems and begin your path to build generational wealth even if you have no guidance from your family.

  • Support from a community of other immigrants and their family members in similar situations so you don’t have to feel alone like we had to in our financial journey.

More practical outcomes you can also expect from Immigrant Finance School™ include:

  • Investment accounts actually OPEN, even without a social security number or visa, with the best tax-reducing strategies, instead of getting shut out of the system being told you need to send in immigration documents you don’t have.


  • Actually starting to invest so you don’t lose any more time not leveraging your money in the stock market.


  • Knowledge and understanding on how to invest on your own that you can use for the rest of your life.


  • Owning pieces of the top companies in the U.S. and money growing exponentially in the U.S. stock market, the strongest financial market in the world.


  • Developing a retirement plan so you can be secure later in life and not have to work into your 70s, even if you are not eligible for social security payments (instead of burying your head in the sand with no plan).


  • Guidance on how to help your parents create retirement plans and start investing so there is less pressure on you in the future to be their unspoken retirement plan.
  • The best bank accounts OPEN that provide high interest so you can make free passive income in the bank (in addition to the stock market!), instead of your money making zero interest and losing value every day due to inflation.

  • The best credit cards OPEN that give you free cash and travel rewards.

  • Build your credit score and history so you can be eligible to get better interest rates on auto loans, a mortgage loan to buy a home, and business credit cards and loans in the future.

  • Effective strategies to build savings so you are prepared and not as thrown off when life happens.

  • Tools to plan for immigration costs such as immigration lawyers and filing fees that traditional financial planning strategies do not consider.

  • Strategies to pay down debt while investing in yourself and in the stock market at the same time, so your hard-earned money isn’t just going to making others rich.

  • A bullet proof system to make your top financial goals actually happen on a specific timeline.

  • Guidance on how to financially prepare to buy your first home.

  • Key strategies to increase income, including how to negotiate pay, sell items, start a side hustle, and start a business.

  • Mindset shifts to help you build a better relationship with money and attract more wealth and abundance in your life.

  • A new attitude about money that makes you feel excited and hopeful to continue building momentum to grow your finances.

>> We went from anxious, afraid, and alone to mastering the system

When we started our financial journey after Mau immigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador in 2013, we had no idea how he as an immigrant could invest, build credit, buy a home, prepare for retirement, etc. 

There were no financial advisors, immigration lawyers, or personal finance books, blogs, podcasts, social media accounts, or other resources that could tell us whether or how he could safely participate in the financial system as an immigrant. 

No one could help us.

We felt totally overwhelmed with all the general financial information online – none of which applied to our situation – and totally alone. 

It became clear: traditional personal finance education just wasn’t made for immigrants and their families.

Learning how to invest, budget, set up money systems, and increase income changed our lives. 

We went from being blind on what was possible for us, surviving paycheck to paycheck, and losing time in the market not investing to becoming empowered knowing all the financial options available to us, having healthy financial habits, and confidently investing.

We have now grown multiple six figures in the stock market, own our dream home, run our own business, and most importantly, are blessed to be able to have our two daughters. 

Learn more about our story here.


>> Our story can be your story too

Immigrant Finance School™ is how we best support you to also become an Immigrant Wealth Builder. The Program includes the exact step-by-step strategies that transformed our lives and that we still apply today (check out our signature Immigrant Wealth Builder Framework below!)

Combining our 10+ years of personal experience and research and Adina’s knowledge and experience as an immigration attorney and Accredited Financial Counselor®, we offer the only program in the world that teaches immigrants and their families how to navigate the U.S. financial system and build wealth, regardless of their immigration status or background.

>> Your Security, Safety, and Confidentiality are Our TOP Priorities

We totally understand that it can be very scary for someone in your position to potentially discuss immigration status matters.

You need to know you can trust someone, and that you will be coming into a very safe community, where everything is completely confidential, nothing is revealed anywhere, and you will be fully supported to sort out your financial situation while you get on the path to invest and build wealth.

We take your safety VERY seriously. Everything we teach has been developed from the perspective of an immigration lawyer, with your highest security and confidentiality in mind.

In our small group coaching calls, everyone is an immigrant or family member of an immigrant.  We do everything possible to create a space that will allow you to feel safe and supported. And nothing is shared outside of the Immigrant Finance School community.

Our focus is on empowering you so you can know exactly what you can and can’t do in the financial and business systems and have clarity and confidence in your wealth building journey.

>> Camille went from total overwhelm to the Confident Financial Leader of her family

The story of our student Camille is one shared by many of our students.

After realizing her money was losing value everyday in her bank account and that she wasn’t even getting any interest, she knew she needed to start investing. 

But no one in her family had ever invested before. Neither her parents or other family members could guide her. They told her investing was too risky, like gambling. At the same time, she knew her parents had no retirement plans and that the burden to support them financially when they could no longer work would fall all on her. 

Camille tried to get started, and even figured out how to buy a few stocks on her own, but she had no idea what she was doing. She too felt totally overwhelmed from trying to figure out investing from following accounts online and watching complicated YouTube investing videos until 2am.

None of her friends were comfortable talking about money, so she had no community to go to for support. Without any guidance from someone she could trust and a network of others in a similar situation, she was completely on her own.

She felt like giving up. 

Alternative Financial Coaching

Once she joined Immigrant Finance School, Camille learned how to confidently master the financial system and invest on her own:

  • We helped Camille set up her Goal-Driven Budget System, which has allowed her to feel relief each month that her expenses are covered, certainty that her financial goals are moving forward and that she’s on track for retirement, and peace of mind that she can let herself feel abundant spending money to enjoy life now without feeling guilty.

  • Through our step-by-step investing training process breaking everything down into simple action steps, Camille overcame the overwhelm and fear she felt around investing. She learned how to invest on her own going forward, for the rest of her life.

  • Camille set up her long-term wealth building strategy strategy, began transferring money into her banks accounts, and started purchasing investments regularly. With our guidance, she then learned to automate the whole process so that now she doesn’t even have to lift a finger for her investments to continue building momentum over time.

  • With more knowledge, Camille now finds herself having fun tracking her investments each month as they grow!

  • Camille applied the same Immigrant Finance School strategies to open investment retirement accounts for her parents. By teaching them what she’s learned,  Camille is able to help her parents grow their hard earned savings so they can have more security as they get older and she can feel less pressure herself to cover their future expenses. She is also helping her siblings get set up early so they can be on right on track for future financial stability. With everyone becoming investors, the whole family dynamic has now changed going forward for future generations.

Through Immigrant Finance School, Camille now has knowledge of and confidence investing for the rest of her life, money growing in the stock market, as well as investment accounts set up for her parents and siblings.  

>> Juan went from shut out of the system to Passive Income Generator

Overcoming migrants' financial challenges

Another one of our students, Juan, was making good money from growing his landscaping business. However, with nowhere to invest it, he ended up seeing his money either come and go or sit in his bank account losing value every day due to inflation.

Everyone told him he couldn’t invest because he doesn’t have papers.

It killed Juan knowing that despite all his hard work and efforts, he was shut out of this major piece of the American Dream. He wanted to develop passive income and build wealth to pass down to his children. He didn’t want to stay stuck in the hamster wheel of just trading time for money, only being able to earn more by working more hours with no plan for retirement.

Juan spent 1.5 years researching how he could open an investment account without a social. He tried with several brokerage companies, but only received letters asking for proof of visa and immigration status. Terrified that he could have an immigration problem if he didn’t invest the right way, Juan didn’t know how to move forward. At the same time, he felt the clock ticking, knowing that he was losing time in the market when his money could be growing. 

Then, one day while searching online, Juan finally came across the Immigrant Finance website and our financial education videos. We guided Juan so he could have certainty on what was actually possible for him and understand how he, too, could invest, given his immigration situation. 

The day that he enrolled in Immigrant Finance School, Juan was able to immediately apply our methodology and, with huge relief, finally open his Roth IRA and brokerage investment accounts using his ITIN.

We helped Juan learn the exact steps to take to invest some of his savings that had been earning zero interest in his bank account and continue adding to his investments to build wealth.

Seeing his money grow more each month through passive income in the stock market, Juan feels confidence and certainty that he will be able to pursue his financial goals.

Thanks to his belief in himself, commitment to his family, and Immigrant Finance School™, Juan now has his investment accounts open with his ITIN and over six figures invested and growing in the stock market. He has financial peace of mind knowing that he will have options and choices for the future and his family. 

>> Our Signature Immigrant Wealth Builder Framework & Methodology

Do you want to receive guidance on the exact steps we taught Camille, Juan, and hundreds of other students to take to build wealth?

Our Immigrant Wealth Builder Framework is the exact system we teach in Immigrant Finance School™.

Imagine, what would it be like to have 10+ years of expert financial & immigration research and tested strategies handed right to you, with simple, practical guidance on how to implement everything step-by-step? 🤯

We provide an easy-to-apply roadmap on how you can navigate all of the core aspects of the U.S. financial system (and how to do it all with an ITIN) so you don’t have to waste years and years learning how to build wealth the hard way like we did — or, even worse, miss out on ever learning it. 

Because we believe all immigrants should be empowered with financial knowledge and wealth building strategies to become investors, homeowners, and business owners, no matter their status or background. 

Combining our professional and personal expertise in the immigration law and financial systems, we teach you the same methods we have used to transform our lives, from paycheck to paycheck to wealth builders, and the lives of over 200 students, like Camille and Juan, through our signature 3-part Immigrant Wealth Building Framework:

Inside of Immigrant Finance School™, we’re going to help you…

Money Growth – Have your money start working for you and learn to increase it

  • Open your investment accounts
  • Confidently invest in the stock market on your own for the rest of your life
  • Grow your money through passive income
  • Be on track for retirement
  • Learn multiple strategies to increase income, from starting a side hustle to negotiating salary to business development

Wealth Systems – Build systems to implement your financial plan and manage your money effortlessly

  • Have clarity and confidence in a clear path to follow for your finances
  • Implement our signature Goal-Driven Budgeting System
  • Connect and automate your investments, bank accounts, credit cards, and budget so they are all working together to move forward your financial goals
  • Develop healthy financial habits
  • Open the best bank accounts and credit cards
  • Build credit so you can prepare for future wealth building, such as through home ownership and business loans

Money Mindset Emotions & Support – Connect with a community of other immigrant wealth builders and get support to navigate the emotional challenges of money

  • Develop a strong, positive relationship with money
  • Tap into an abundance growth mindset and reduce money scarcity thoughts and fears
  • Feel peace of mind with your finances, no matter your immigration situation or what’s happening in the economy

…no matter you or your family members’ immigration status or background.

If you want to find out how we can help support you — including with getting your investment accounts open, learning how to confidently invest on your own, and having financial peace of mind knowing your money is growing securely for the future, like we did for Camille, and Juan — then join us in Immigrant Finance School.

We can’t WAIT to get started supporting you.

>> Learn more about us and connect

At this point, we hope you feel confident that Immigrant Finance School provides the exact support and guidance you need to get on track to invest and build wealth.

Should you have any questions or want to get to know us better, don’t hesitate to reach out. Email us at [email protected] or message us on instagram We LOVE to connect with you and hear about your financial goals.

Below are ways to learn more about our work and what we’re all about:

  • Listen to our personal Immigrant Finance story in Episode 1 of the Finance Business & Purpose Podcast (formerly the Immigrant Finance Podcast)….and check out more episodes for financial empowerment inspiration! 
  • Follow and send us a message on our Instagram account
  • Subscribe to our  Youtube channel and check out our free educational videos on wealth building for immigrants
  • Join our free community group
  • Connect with Adina directly on her personal instagram account here
  • Connect with Adina on Linkedin and learn about her professional background as an immigration attorney and Accredited Financial Counselor
  • Connect with Mau on Linkedin and learn about his professional background in Human Resources and International Relations

We completely understand that navigating finances as an immigrant is a highly sensitive matter. As you know now from our story, we’ve been through it ourselves. If you have any worries at all about taking the next step forward to get started, please know we’re a totally open book and happy to chat with you any time.

You can schedule a time to chat with us directly on our calendar to ask questions and learn more about Immigrant Finance Schoolhere.

Adina and Mauricio, Immigrant Finance

Student Success Stories

Play Video about Claudia - Immigrant Finance School

Claudia went from paying off debt to becoming a confident investor

Play Video about Reyes - Immigrant Finance School

Reyes learned to shift to online business income & leverage credit cards responsibly 

Play Video

Danny went from frustration & feeling left out from the investing system to financially confident

Play Video


Karen developed confidence with money

Play Video

Nina Started Businesses and Changed Her Entire Financial Mindset

Student Testimonials

“I can’t believe this. This brings hope after I felt left out by the big opportunities the country gives. It’s because of your work that opening my investment account without a social security number was this fast, it felt much like copy and paste and this info was absolutely valuable, thank you!!”


“If someone was going to ask me 10 years ago, you’re going to be talking about investments…I’d be like no, that’s not for me. At all….but because of the program I am now opening my first ever account in the investing world. And now I am having investing conversations I would have never had. Now I get to talk to my littler sister and brother and spread the knowledge about budgeting, finances, and investing…It’s that transformation of wanting to learn more and see different ways of thinking. Being part of the program gave me that extra push and motivation. I would look forward to each group coaching call because I enjoyed listened to everyone’s stories. That commonality, either we came from other countries or were born here or our parents are from other countries….being linked as immigrants is really important. I learned I’m not the only one. It was really motivating and inspirational. I would hang up on the group coaching calls and think, this feels really good.”

— Claudia

“It’s all because of the guidance and accountability of this program that I was able to open my first investment account and contribute monthly. I’m trying to give every dollar a purpose. My online business is also possible thanks to the Immigrant Finance program. My business had been in my head for a while I just didn’t have the right tools to start, I’m glad I was able to find Immigrant Finance and the guidance to help to face the fears of not knowing what to do. I’m now more confident to learn more and keep working on my finances. Everyone should sign up for their next class. First learn the tools of finances and then open your business. Both programs with Adina go together to allow you to be successful. Her help has been life changing!!”

— Yazmin

“Best money ever spent. Period.”

— Kaushal

“Thank you to Adina at Immigrant Finance. I appreciate that she finally gave me the answers that no amount of googling could offer.”

— Ana

“It is well known that it’s expensive to be poor but I realized that is more expensive being poor immigrants. After searching for financial information in the last couple years I wasn’t able to put together or process all the information. There is no help out there for immigrants about financial questions, and the ones with the knowledge are afraid to help thinking that they will get in a legal trouble. Until I found Adina with the Immigrant Finance School, with her help I finally understand how to start managing money and fill out the paperwork for financial institutions.”

— Eduardo

“Adina & Mau are doing an incredible job at educating and empowering the immigrants population and their families with their finances. Through their course, you learn to break free from the mentality that as an immigrant there are some areas you can never reach. Whether it’s investing, opening a high yield savings account, budgeting, getting a credit card, you name it. I strongly recommend their course. It’s money well spent. Keep up the good work Adina and Mau! You are a Blessing to your community.”

— Annica

“A life-changing program. Highly recommend if you, or someone you know, is part of the immigrant community and is interested in building generational wealth.”

— Carey

“I feel like now I have a purpose for my money instead of hoarding it without a clear plan.”

– Grisella

“I can already see how taking the course was one of the best things to do before entering my 20’s. I feel more prepared to look at my financial goals and create a plan of action. This includes investing, saving for post-grad and formalizing a business that leverages technology to support youth with their mental health. Adina is extremely sweet and approachable. If she doesn’t know the answer to something, she will research and help you so you truly never feel alone. The budgeting sessions are interactive and I felt loving accountability through the group. Thank you for making this possible!” 

— Greisy

“If you’re looking to launch a digital business I highly recommend you reach out to Adina at Immigrant Finance as she has empowered me to launch my own digital career coaching business.. The Immigrant Finance Program is phenomenal!! Adina will guide you step by step on finding your niche, marketing strategies and address any mindset challenges. The program has helped me feel more at ease and confident about launching my business. Don’t hesitate to call her! You will not regret the results you will acquire while enrolled in this program.

— Gaby

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