For immigrants ready to learn how to safely navigate the U.S. financial system, invest regardless of your immigration status, and finally GROW your hard-earned money into passive income

We're here to show you what's possible, and how to get there, step-by-step.
Because immigrants deserve to build generational wealth, too.

By Adina Appelbaum, Esq. J.D., M.P.P., Immigration Attorney, Accredited Financial Counselor® 
& Mauricio Castillo Ferri, M.A.,
Proud Immigrant

In Immigrant Finance School®, we help you build wealth and secure your future, regardless of your immigration background or status.

We understand the unique challenges immigrants face when it comes to investing, building credit, homeownership, entrepreneurship and wealth accumulation in the United States.

Why? Because we’ve been there ourselves.

Founded by an immigration attorney and Accredited Financial Counselor, Immigrant Finance School® offers a comprehensive program designed to provide clarity, confidence and practical strategies for financial success.

Our step-by-step roadmap guides you through the intersection of immigration law and financial systems, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to thrive financially. From opening investment accounts to mastering passive income strategies, we equip you with the skills to pave the way for generational wealth.

By enrolling in Immigrant Finance School®, you’ll gain:

  • Certainty and relief in understanding what you can achieve financially as an immigrant, regardless of your social security number or visa status.
  • Peace of mind knowing you can confidently invest and grow your money passively, taking control of your financial future.
  • Systems and strategies to develop healthy financial habits that align with your goals, without restrictive budgeting methods.
  • Clarity and confidence in your financial planning, supported by expert guidance and a supportive community of fellow immigrants.
Adina and Mauricio, Immigrant Finance

Practical outcomes of the program include:

  • Opening investment accounts without a social security number, with optimal tax strategies.
  • Starting your investment journey and leveraging opportunities in the U.S. stock market.
  • Gaining lifelong knowledge and skills in personal finance and investing.
  • Building a secure retirement plan, even without eligibility for social security payments, and assisting your parents in creating retirement plans to alleviate future financial burdens.
  • Accessing the best high-yield bank accounts for passive income, and credit cards with cashback and travel rewards for extra benefits.
  • Building credit for better rates on loans and future financial opportunities.
  • Goal-setting for achieving financial milestones efficiently, including savings strategies for financial stability.
  • Financial planning tools for immigration costs often overlooked in traditional plans.
  • Debt payoff strategies while still investing in your future, maximizing your money’s potential.
  • Income-boosting strategies: negotiate pay, sell items, start a side hustle, or launch a business.
  • Mindset shifts for a positive relationship with money, attracting wealth and abundance.

Join us in Immigrant Finance School® and build your journey towards a brighter future of financial empowerment and generational wealth.

Featured in

New York Times Stories on Credit Building & Loans for Immigrants

NPR News Story on Challenges to Accessing Credit for Immigrants

Featured in the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education (AFCPE)®

Plutus Awards Finalist for Best Personal Finance Content for Underserved Communities

We went from afraid and alone to confident investors

We know exactly what you’re going through.

If you’re struggling to invest in the stock market, build credit, buy a home, start a business, or build wealth as an immigrant in the U.S., we’ve been there.

Immigrant Finance School® is the resource we wish someone handed to us in 2013, when Mau immigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador and we were super anxious and stressed about money.

We had no idea how he as an immigrant could invest, build credit, buy a home, prepare for retirement, etc. 

There were no financial advisors, immigration lawyers, or personal finance books, blogs, podcasts, social media accounts, or other resources that could tell us whether or how he could safely participate in the financial system as an immigrant. 

We had to learn it all on our own. But we don’t want others to struggle alone like we did.

That’s why we created Immigrant Finance School®, a step-by-step roadmap to guide immigrants and their families through the financial system, regardless of their immigration background or status.


Student Testimonials

“I can’t believe this. This brings hope after I felt left out by the big opportunities the country gives.

It’s because of your work that opening my investment account without a social security number was this fast, it felt much like copy and paste and this info was absolutely valuable, thank you!!”


“Adina & Mau are doing an incredible job at educating and empowering the immigrant population and their families with their finances. Through their course, you learn to break free from the mentality that as an immigrant there are some areas you can never reach.

Whether it’s investing, opening a high yield savings account, budgeting, getting a credit card, you name it. I strongly recommend their course. It’s money well spent. Keep up the good work Adina and Mau! You are a Blessing to your community.”


Play Video about Claudia - Immigrant Finance School

Claudia went from paying off debt to becoming a confident investor

“If someone was going to ask me 10 years ago, you’re going to be talking about investments…I’d be like no, that’s not for me. At all….but because of the program I am now opening my first ever account in the investing world. And now I am having investing conversations I would have never had.

Now I get to talk to my littler sister and brother and spread the knowledge about budgeting, finances, and investing…Being part of the program gave me that extra push and motivation.

I would look forward to each group coaching call because I enjoyed listened to everyone’s stories. That commonality, either we came from other countries or were born here or our parents are from other countries….being linked as immigrants is really important. I learned I’m not the only one.

It was really motivating and inspirational. I would hang up on the coaching calls and think, this feels really good.”

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Danny went from frustration & feeling left out from the investing system to financially confident

“I had the mindset of investment but I couldn't do much because of my immigration status...There was not enough information or resources for immigrants in my situation...I was being left out.

When I took the course, it gave me a sense of confidence...that was really empowering. The fact that [Adina] is an immigration lawyer gave me even more confidence in investing.

The program gave all the steps, all laid out, like this is what to do, just the follow the steps and it's going to get me where I want to be.

It was really cool seeing other people regardless of their immigration status wanting to learn about personal gave me a safe space, credibility, and accountability. My main transformation was seeing the other folks achieve what they wanted to seek..

I feel really confident...You gave me the confidence to invest and have certainty on money. It was priceless. ”

Student success story: Juan went from shut out of the system to Immigrant Wealth Builder

Juan was making good money from growing his landscaping business, but he wasn’t seeing any wealth come from it.

Each month, he saw his money come and go, or just sit in his bank account, losing value every day.

When he tried to invest, everyone told him he couldn’t because of his immigration status.

Juan spent 1.5 years researching how he could open an investment account without an SSN. He tried with several investment companies, but only received letters asking for proof of visa and immigration status. Worried that he could have an immigration problem if he didn’t invest the right way, Juan didn’t know how to move forward. At the same time, he knew he was losing time in the market when his money could be growing. 

Through our guidance, Juan was able to immediately open his investment accounts using his ITIN and start investing confidently so he and his family can be financially secure in the future.

Overcoming migrants' financial challenges

Student success story: Camille went from total overwhelm to the Confident Financial Leader

No one had ever invested in Camille’s family before.

She was nervous because her parents told her investing was like gambling. But like most of our students, Camille knew her parents had no retirement plan. And that the burden to support them would fall on her in the future. 

Camille tried to get started, and even figured out how to transfer money to her account. But she felt totally overwhelmed on what to do next, even after watching videos online.

None of her friends were comfortable talking about money, so she had no one to go to for support. She felt completely on her own. In Immigrant Finance School®, Camille learned how to confidently master the financial system and invest on her own for the rest of her life. She even opened up accounts for her parents and siblings! 

Through our Goal-Driven Budget System, we also helped her get peace of mind that her financial goals are moving forward while her bills are covered and she can enjoy life in the present without feeling guilty. 

Our Immigrant Wealth Builder Framework

Do you want to learn the exact steps we’ve taught Juan, Camille, and hundreds of other students to start investing and building wealth in Immigrant Finance School®?

Imagine, what would it be like to have 10+ years of legal, tax, and finance research and tested strategies on the financial & immigration systems handed right to you, with simple, step-by-step guidance on how to implement everything? 🤯

We provide a roadmap on how you can navigate all core aspects of the U.S. financial system (including with an ITIN) so you don’t have to waste years and years learning how to build wealth the hard way like we did — or miss out on ever learning it. 

Combining our professional and personal expertise in the immigration law and financial systems, we teach you the same methods we’ve used to transform our lives to go from paycheck to paycheck to wealth builders, and the lives of over 200 students, like Juan and Camille, through our signature 3-part Immigrant Wealth Building Framework:

Your security, safety, and confidentiality are our top priorities

We understand that it can be scary to discuss immigration status matters.

Please know we take your safety VERY seriously. Everything in Immigrant Finance School® is completely confidential and stays within our student community. 

The strategies we teach have been developed from the perspective of an immigration lawyer, with your highest security and confidentiality in mind.

In our student community coaching spaces, every student is an immigrant or family member of an immigrant. We do everything possible to create a space that will allow you to feel safe and supported. Nothing is shared outside of the Immigrant Finance School community.

We fully support you to get started on your path to invest and build wealth. Our focus is on empowering you so you can know exactly what you can and can’t do in the financial and business systems and have clarity and confidence in your wealth building journey.

We LOVE to connect with you and learn about your financial goals.

If you have any questions or want to get to know us better, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contact us by:

Learn more about financial empowerment with us:

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  • Listen to our personal Immigrant Finance story in Episode 1 of the Finance Business & Purpose Podcast….and check out more inspiring episodes on financial empowerment for immigrants, advocates, and entrepreneurs!
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  • Join our free community group
  • Connect with Adina and Mau on Linkedin 

We completely understand that navigating finances as an immigrant is sensitive and can even be scary.

If you have any worries at all about taking the next step forward to get started, please know we’re a totally open book and happy to chat with you any time.

More student success stories

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Nina Started Businesses and Changed Her Entire Financial Mindset

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Karen developed confidence with money

Play Video about Reyes - Immigrant Finance School

Reyes learned to shift to online business income & leverage credit cards responsibly 

Commonly asked questions

Q: How does the Immigrant Finance School® program work?

A: There are currently two ways to join as a student, either the Private Coaching Program or the Self Study Program. Both programs include the online course, which provides all the guidance and answers step-by-step of how to open your investment accounts, start investing, and build your financial plan. Learn more here.

Q: What topics are covered in the program?

You can see a list of Module topics here. Each Module has multiple practical lessons and assignments to help you apply as you learn, step-by-step. For example, one of the investing modules, Module 9, goes through how to get clear on your investing strategy, how to maximize tax savings, how to pick a investment account, how to open your investment account with an SSN or ITIN, what types of accounts to open, how to move money from your bank account to your investment account, what types of investments to purchase, what amount to put in, and what price, how to analyze the fees and performance, how to actually purchase your investments, how to set up recurring investments, a lot more pieces on tax strategy, etc.

Q: What kind of investing does the course cover?

Our main focus is on traditional investing in the stock market but we also have modules on investing in real estate, investing in starting a business, investing in your money mindset/relationship with money, etc. The overall focus of the program is on wealth building. We do not teach cryptocurrency or bitcoin because these types of investments are very high risk given they have not been around long enough to know the performance over time.

Q: Is the program focused on investing in the U.S.?

Immigrant Finance School® is geared toward investing in the U.S. stock market. Many of the principles and financial empowerment concepts we teach can be applied no matter where you live.

Q: How can Immigrant Finance School® help my family?

A: Most of our students apply the same strategies we teach to open investment retirement accounts for their parents to help them grow their hard earned savings and have more security as they get older. This helps our students feel less pressure themselves to cover their parents’ future retirement when they can no longer work. Our students often also help their siblings get set up early so they can be on right on track for future financial stability. With everyone becoming investors, the whole family dynamic changes going forward for future generations.

Q: I am older. Does Immigrant Finance School® apply to me?

Many of our clients are in the 50s or higher. It is not too late to start investing for retirement, the only thing your age changes is how critical it is for you to start investing ASAP given that time in the market is the #1 most effective strategy for your money to be able to grow. 

Q: I am scared to invest on my own. Does the course teach me how to buy and sell investments on the stock market by myself?

We completely understand, it can be so scary when you are new to investing. We definitely felt this way when we started and most of our students do too. The whole point of our course is we focus on empowering our students to invest confidently on their own for the rest of their lives. It can seem really overwhelming and scary at first but it’s more simple than it seems when you have the right step-by-step guidance to walk you through it. We break things down very simply. The financial industry and financial professionals often make investing seem really complicated so that you think you have to pay someone to manage your investments every year for the rest of your life. The % they take can sound small like over a lifetime, this can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. After helping over 200 of our students learn to invest over the years, we are confident anyone can do it. You won’t be alone, we are here to support you.

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