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Immigrant Finance School™


Personal Finance Group Coaching Program for Immigrants and Their Families


It’s time to move from surviving to thriving.

We spent 7 years of anxiety, struggle, and stress researching, testing, and figuring out personal finances and how to move toward building wealth as an immigrant family.

There was nothing on the internet about personal finances for immigrants.

The personal finance books just weren’t written for immigrants.

They also focus only on budgeting and paying off debt, not teaching you how to build generational wealth.

We don’t want you to waste 7 years too.

We all know time is worth more than money.

We created Immigrant Finance School to be the exact program we wished we had available to go through at the beginning of our journey of figuring out personal finances as an immigrant family. 

Instead of letting years go by, in just a few weeks you can learn a personal finance system designed to empower immigrant families to begin building wealth.

Instead of trying to figure out immigrant finances on our own in the dark during those 7 years — we could have gotten started with investing and building wealth.

By waiting and not starting sooner, we personally missed out on thousands of dollars in investment returns.

By investing just a small amount of $200 per month in a conservative fund (tracking the stock market as a whole, at the market’s average return rate of 8%) we could have had – at a bare minimum – at the end of those 7 years:

Don’t make the same mistake we did.

Avoid losing over $5,000 in investment returns you could make during the next 7 years by learning how to get started investing just a small amount today.

We’ll also give you accountability to start exploring ways to increase income and online business.

But we’re not here just to help you save time and make more money.

Our group coaching is the greatest value our students get out of the course: the opportunity to advance your wealth building goals alongside peers going through similar situations.

Immigrant Finance School™ provides rare information and community support on navigating personal finance for immigrant families that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Together, we can learn and empower ourselves more than we can alone.

Through our group coaching program, together we make the shift from surviving to thriving.

Together, we learn to build generational wealth by learning how to think like the wealthy, get clear on our financial goals, and set up systems to reach them.

We do so through mastering the Immigrant Finance School™
THRIVE Method™.


In this program, we’ve included everything you need to know to build a solid personal finance foundation tailored to immigrant families & a system to build generational wealth, including how to:

  • Build a goal-driven budget system
  • Open & optimize your bank accounts
  • Reduce unnecessary spending
  • Create and manage an Immigrant Empowerment Fund™ (emergency fund incorporating immigration expenses such as paying for immigration lawyers and fees and sending money back home)
  • Get started investing now
  • Increase income to make an extra $500 a month
  • Responsibly use credit cards
  • Negotiate salary raises and navigate difficult conversations with immigrant family members about retirement, saving, etc.
  • Identify and rewrite our negative money stories and traumas, and more.

Here are testimonials from former students who got results through Immigrant Finance School!

Claudia went from paying off debt to being an investor through the motivation and support of her fellow students

Danny went from frustration, feeling left out from the investing system, to financially confident

Nina Started Two Online Businesses and Changed Her Entire Financial Mindset

Karen had a complete mindset switch & developed confidence with money.

Reyes of @theLatinoDinero learned to shift to online business income and use credit cards responsibly to get all of their benefits!

Evelyn of @lamaripositahealing and @somos_magia found support and community with others who understand the immigrant experience in her personal finance journey!

Edward found a community to relate to and help him make a plan for his family\’s personal finances in the U.S. before immigrating.

Why Should I Register for Immigrant Finance School™?

1. Learn the Immigrant Finance School™ THRIVE method™ & how to automate this easy system in your daily life:

T – Train your dollars

H – Hold on to your money

R – Reach stability

I – Invest & Increase income

V – Visualize and set clear goals

E – Elevate to the next level

2. Study at your own pace:

Participate in the course at your own schedule through weekly self-study guided video seminars, resource materials, and written assignments on essential personal finance topics.

3. Maximize your learning through group coaching & become part of a supportive community:

Through group coaching calls and ongoing opportunities for discussion in our private facebook group, connect and share your experiences and advice with other immigrants and their family members. Having a supportive community makes the transformative impact of personal finance education even more powerful. Although figuring out the financial system in the U.S. can be intimidating, scary, and lonely… at Immigrant Finance School™ we want you to know you are not alone on this journey. We are stronger together, and together, we can help empower each other.

4. Learn from guest speakers from the immigrant community who are personal finance experts and influencers

Our course has featured several guest speakers including @funancialism, @Latinosonabudget, @AmbitiousAdulting, @yourdreamermoney, and @realdiegocorzo.


Immigrant Finance™

Adina & Mauricio

Hi! We’re Adina & Mauricio (“Mau”), wife and husband, and co-creators of Immigrant Finance.  Mau is proud immigrant from Ecuador who has lived and worked in international development, human rights, and human resources in Ecuador, Spain, Belgium, across Latin America, and Washington, D.C. Adina is a social entrepreneur, nonprofit public interest immigration attorney, and financial coach. She has lived and advocated for the legal and human rights of immigrants and refugees in Egypt, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, the U.S.-Mexico border, and the Washington, D.C. region.

For those of you who we haven’t had a chance to connect with 1:1 yet, we welcome you to the Immigrant Finance community!

When Mau first came to the U.S. 8 years ago, it was terrifying for us to try to figure out basic personal finance steps on our own. We were overwhelmed, scared, and felt alone.

There was nothing on the internet about personal finances for immigrants. The personal finance books did not talk about immigration aspects of finances.

We didn’t know if he could do things like have a bank account or a credit card, invest, buy a house, or get healthcare. With his temporary visa situation, we didn’t know what would happen if he lost his ability to work or stay in the country. We had no idea what taxes he needed to pay or whether he\’d be allowed to one day invest or take out a mortgage.

We had to learn everything alone. It was painful, anxiety-provoking, and lonely.

But we don’t want you to struggle like we did. Immigrant Finance School is exactly what we wish we had during this time – step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the financial system and build wealth and a community for learning and support on personal finance topics for immigrants.

As an immigration lawyer, Adina was also inspired to create Immigrant Finance after representing and working with hundreds of immigrants and refugees in Egypt, Ecuador, the U.S.-Mexico border, and the Washington, D.C. region, many who face detention and deportation. She has seen how people’s lives can change from having access to personal finance information and the empowerment, options, and control that financial stability can provide for immigrants and their families.

In January 2018, we first started Immigrant Finance as a blog because we wanted to share everything we were learning about building wealth as an immigrant family with others.

Over time, we also began sharing what we had learned and are learning along the way about how to build wealth, break out of scarcity mindset, and make the shift from surviving to thriving.

We have since built the Immigrant Finance School group coaching program around financial empowerment for immigrant families because we don’t want anyone else to have to go through this experience alone.

Along the way, we’ve also developed a passion for supporting immigrant families in creating and growing online businesses as a way to increase income, reach their potential, and make a larger impact in their communities

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course and the private Facebook group for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Can you tell me more about your student audience?The students has included people who immigrated to the US as children, U.S. citizen children of immigrants, recent immigrants,  people who are soon immigrating to the US and are abroad, spouses of immigrants, and allies of the immigrant community.

I’m not an immigrant but my mother or father is. Is this course for me too? Yes. Many of our students are first generation children of immigrants or even late generations. Students in this category have been able to work a lot on money mindset including money stories and traumas passed down from from immigrant family.

I’m already in a good place with my personal finances. Does this program make sense for me? Even if you have the basics of personal finance down, we all have areas we can work on regarding our relationship with money. For many, our relationship with money has been impacted by being an immigrant or family member of an immigrant. The group coaching model has been healing for many of our students and provides empowerment for whatever area you are strengthening through community. There is nothing more powerful than developing your personal finances alongside a community of people going through similar experiences who can understand and relate. As you lift each other up, together you can contribute to the larger mission of empowering the immigrant community through personal finance.

I feel stuck in my money situation and don’t see any way out. How can Immigrant Finance School help? Our goal is help you go from developing stability to building wealth and thriving to reach your fullest potential. To get there, we guide you in re-writing family and cultural financial habits, stories, cycles, and patterns. Together we will develop a comprehensive financial plan throughout the course to drive your money toward accelerating your financial goals.

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We empower immigrants and their families build generational wealth through personal finance education on managing money and investing, online business development, and community support.

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