From Throwing Away Money on Rent to the American Dream:
Learn How to Become a Homeowner in the U.S.

Created by Immigration Attorney / Accredited Financial Counselor Adina & Proud Immigrant Mauricio.
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Every month you pay rent instead of own your home, you throw away your hard earned money.

Owning your own home is the only way to INVEST the money you spend for housing costs, so that you see it come back to you in the future tenfold.

The problem is many people tell immigrants they can’t buy a home or that it is too hard for them to do so in the U.S..

Carlos Went From Renter to Landowner

This is exactly what happened to our student Carlos. All his family and friends said he wouldn’t be able to qualify for a mortgage loan because of his immigration status.

Carlos was stuck paying rent each month. It KILLED him knowing each month he would never see that money again.

He observed his landlord John, who was clearly making passive income from the rent he paid him each month.

John had found a way to leverage the income from his rental properties to buy additional properties and was fully living off of his passive rental income.

Although Carlos made good income too working in construction, he realized he had to continue working in hard physical labor day after day to make money, despite getting older. 

Carlos knew it must be possible for him to buy property too, but no one could show him the way.

Then, he connected with us us in Immigrant Finance. We helped Carlos learn how there are no laws saying that immigrants can’t buy homes in the U.S., and that immigrants CAN qualify for mortgage loans, even without a social security number.

In our How to Buy a Home as an Immigrant Masterclass, Carlos learned all of the steps to prepare for and purchase his first home. He was able to receive a list of mortgage lenders that accept ITINs and find a lender to help him buy his first home with his ITIN. And he was able to master the ways to effectively navigate the real estate market as a savvy real estate investor.

In less than 6 months of taking the course, Carlos bought his first home. He felt AMAZING. It gave him the security and confidence in his finances, and peace of mind going forward. 

Stepping into his new identity as a homeowner and real estate investor, Carlos has since started taking steps to prepare to buy his next property.

He now plans to invest in more properties and buid a real estate portfolio like his former landlord John.

The How to Buy a Home as an Immigrant Masterclass

Do you want to keep seeing your hard earned money get thrown away each month on rent, like Carlos used to?

If – instead – you want to learn the process of how to buy property in the U.S., find lenders who provide mortgage loans to ITIN holders, and be ready to actually purchase your first home, like our student Carlos was able to, enroll in our How to Buy a Home Masterclass at the link below. We can’t WAIT to get started supporting you.

The Masterclass includes unlimited access to an online course providing practical step-by-step guidance on how to build your plan to buy a home, regardless of your immigration background.

We cover how to navigate mortgage loans without a social security number and the immigration aspects of owning property from the perspective of an experienced immigration attorney and Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC)®.

We also teach you how to get past fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from making progress in your dream to buy a home.


“Through the lessons, I’m able to see the numbers up front and do the math and be honest…Had it not been for this class (although we just started), I would continue to be lost in this home buying process 😅”
“I love the lessons. Especially the one about where to store the down payment. I look forward to putting down my goals on paper. Immigrant Finance’s Masterclass has given me the community and mindset change I need to achieve my homeownership. I was weary of spending money on a masterclass but it was soooo very worth every penny! Adina gives you a warm and safe space to grow and is a great teacher and great person to have on your side. I love the lessons and I’m not even done with the whole course. Thank you Adina!”
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