We help immigrant families build wealth.

Whether it's learning how to become a confident investor, own property, or start a business, we're here to support you.

Let's move from surviving to thriving.

Because immigrant families deserve to build generational wealth, too.

Our signature wealth building program for immigrant families to stop living paycheck to paycheck and learn how to manage money, invest, and build generational wealth. 

We offer complimentary 30 minute consultations to our community.

Illuminate Digital
Ready to start an online social impact business?

Illuminate Digital™ Social Impact Business Accelerator is our 90-day roadmap for developing a profitable online business to help others and create meaningful change in the world.

Final Bundle Spanish
¿Quieres aprender sobre finanzas en español?

Escuela de Finanzas de Inmigrantes™ es un programa de creación de riqueza para familias inmigrantes que cubre la administración del dinero, la inversión, el aumento de los ingresos/desarrollo empresarial y la mentalidad de dinero en español.

What We Offer For You

Financial & Business Online Programs

Step-by-step strategic, practical, and mindset guidance on how to build generational wealth. 

Live Small Group Coaching

Personalized in-depth guidance, support, and accountability.

Research, Workshops & Trainings

On various financial and business topics for immigrant families tailored to the specific needs of your audience.

Speaking & Brand Partnerships

We offer speaking, media, podcast, social media, and guest blog post collaborations.

Top Reasons to Choose Immigrant Finance™​​

Rare expertise in immigration law, finance, business, and mindset
Specifically for immigrants and their family members
Courses available in English and Spanish
Practical real-life application and culturally-sensitive

How We Help Immigrant Families Build Wealth


Immigrant family students 

We have helped start investing in the stock market, build financial plans, pay down debt,  explore new income streams, and develop systems to build wealth


Clients Satisfied


Our students develop financial plans and systems that actually allow them to move from surviving to thriving and start building generational wealth


Businesses launched


We help our students launch businesses by coaching them to get clarity on their purpose, create offers that provide solutions to problems, learn marketing and sales training, and make an impact on their communities through tested strategies.

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