Episode 17. 3 Reasons Side Hustles Are Acts of Resistance for Immigrants

It is very difficult to make any real change in your finances in terms of wealth building if the total income number you’re working with in your budget doesn’t grow.

Increasing income is essential for building wealth.

Side hustles are an excellent way to start increasing income and learning how to generate income on your own.

And for immigrants, side hustles are also an act of resistance.

Listen to this episode to hear more about why.

Sneak peek – part of it comes down to resisting the way immigrants have been historically treated as cheap labor under U.S. immigration policy. This image is of people who were part of the Bracero program, which was a policy that allowed the U.S. to use Mexican immigrants for labor when labor supply was low and then swiftly deport them when no longer needed. Much of immigration law has been built on this foundation. We discuss further in the episode how learning how to generate income on your own is a way to build power in direct resistance.

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