Episode 33. How Undocumented Immigrants Can Start Investing and Building Wealth

Listen as Adina from Immigrant Finance talks about how undocumented immigrants can start investing and building wealth. Many times we are told immigrants cannot invest. This simply is not true and Adina drops some important information you don\’t want to miss.

Key items you will get from this episode:
1. The separation between the immigration and tax systems.
2. Don’t let immigration laws and systems get in the way of building your confidence, self-worth, financial plan, or money mindset. Don\’t listen to people saying you can\’t be an investor.
3. There is no better time to start than now. Why you should get started ASAP.

If you\’re interested in learning more, we go deeper into all this in our group coaching program IFS. IFS is our 6 week personal finance and building wealth group coaching program for immigrants and their families. We empower people to make that shift from surviving to thriving to build generational wealth. So if you\’d like more information on how to move from surviving to thriving head on over to immigrantfinanceschool.com

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