Episode 47. How Immigrants Can Maximize Credit Card Benefits

Listen to episode #47 as Adina from Immigrant Finance talks about How Immigrants Can Maximize Credit Card Benefits.

Did you know credit card companies are making money off of us all?

Adina gives amazing knowledge on what immigrants can do about it and you don’t want to miss it. She covers how you can get a credit card as an immigrant regardless of your status and how to financially advocate for yourself with credit card companies.

This way you can maximize the credit card benefits and be the one in charge of building your credit history and credit score, not the credit card companies.

Make sure you check out our blog at immigrantfinance.com and if you enjoyed this episode, this is a great example of the kinds of things we teach in Immigrant Finance School. IFS is our personal finance and building wealth group coaching program for immigrants and their families. We empower people to make that shift from surviving to thriving to build generational wealth. So if you’d like more information on how to move from surviving to thriving head on over to immigrantfinanceschool.com

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